What Employer/Advertising and Candidate Community Members have to say about MyWaterPlantJobs.com

MyWaterPlantJobs performed as advertised.  Some of our top water treatment plant operator candidates found out about our opening and applied for it through the Site.  The level of customer service was great; they were genuinely concerned that we had success and backed it up with result.
Town of Gilbert, AZ

Glad to hear that your site received some recognition.  You certainly did well by us.  We received well over 75 resumes of which 24 or so met our specifications.  I fully hope your site continues to succeed.
Deputy Director, Water & Wastewater Operations

I decided to place one of our hardest to fill positions with you, I found your website to be user friendly not only for the employer but also for the job seeker. The website is very informative and well put together. I also appreciate being ‘kept in the loop’ on a regular basis, knowing how many people viewed the posting and clicked on it was priceless! Thank you for all of your hard work to assist us!
Human Resources Assistant, City of Jacksonville Beach

The Commonwealth Utility Corporation's responses to our Help Wanted ad listed with your site has been TREMENDOUS. We were gravely concerned we could not attract candidates with the right credentials, background and certification to such a remote location. We are receiving new applications daily and the qualifications and experience level of these applicants are above our highest expectations.
Utilities Director - Commonwealth Utilities Corporation

MyWaterPlantJobs.com provided a tremendous source of qualified candidates for our job opening. I recommend this company to everyone. Keep up the great job!
City Manager - Emerson, Georgia

Due to MyWaterPlantJobs.com, I have landed a great job with a National Water Company in Santa Paula, Ca.  Please keep me up to date on all new opportunities, our contract ends in 2010.
Candidate Community Member

The MyWaterPlantJobs.com website has been an excellent source for candidates for us over the past year.  We have continued to find qualified applicants from your ranks and expect the future to see us continue to use you as a source for our water and wastewater openings.
Regional HR Manager, SouthWest Water Company

I think ur site is great!
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator - Alaska

I will submit the ad later today. Thank you so much for your assistance yesterday and your prompt response!!
Human Resources Generalist - Florida
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