Resume Basics

Question:  Do I need a resume?
Quick Answer:  Absolutely!  If you are seriously interested in making a positive career move, you must have a resume in your toolbox - and it should be well-sharpened! 


What's the best kind of resume?  Recruiters and hiring managers have differing opinions on this.  In most cases a clean, concise/short resume which appears organized will attract attention before the first paragraph is read. 

Resumes should consist of the following sections in the order listed:  

A.  Heading:  Name, Address & Contact Information


B.    Objective Statement - or - Experience Summary

a.      Objective Statement:  Brief description of what you are looking for

b.      Experience Summary:  Brief paragraph which summarizes your professional experience to date.


C.      Education (If you don't want to emphasize education, insert it in "E" below) *

a.      Reverse order (highest degree first); Date Received, School/College, City/ST                     


D.      Professional Licenses & Training

a.      For Certified/Licensed professionals; List each license using correct terms

b.      Including License # is acceptable along with issuing state/agency and date received


E.      Professional Experience

a.      Reverse order (current or most recent first)

b.      Include "from and to" dates; Full Name of Employer, City/ST, & your position

c.       For each position; provide a brief (few short sentences) description of your duties & responsibilities

d.      List accomplishments, awards, significant efforts/achievements here


F.      * Education and Training (Insert it here if not above)

a.      Place formal education here only if not significant, or if your career experience has overshadowed your education. 

b.      List your relevant professional training, i.e., Certification Training, etc. in "C" above, especially if received within the last 1-3 years.


G.     References

a.      Use this statement, "References provided upon request."

b.      Gather the names, titles, contact information and permission to use them, from 3-4 trusted sources.  Whenever impossible include current or former supervisors, co-workers, or clients - in that order. 

c.       Have this information on a separate sheet of paper along with the Heading Information, "A" above, ready to leave behind with your resume, or send upon request.



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